What’s happened so far…


Fundraising and Internship Updates:  Help support Rachel by donating here: Donate or Encourage

April 20th, 2013

Well a lot has happened folks! Number 1 being that I’ve officially raised enough to support myself for the internship!
God is good, He deserves all the glory and praise. But I wanted to also thank you personally too

profile pick

March 29, 2013

Flew into to California on the 24th, I’ve been relaxing with family and enjoying a little rest. Still working on fundraising, so far 6 individuals have decided to invest in this adventure and I’ve raise a total of  $590.00 dollars! In addition Arise Internship has given me 25% off my tuition, an incredible blessing!  Check out the Financial Page for more details. I’m believing in God’s provision for the rest! Please consider partnering with me today! Like here to Donate or Encourage, as most of you know even the smallest amount helps! Thanks so much for the prayers as well, they are what is making mountains move!

March 10, 2013

– Finished latest promotional video for Arise Internship 2013


– Purchased Ticket to Kentucky, flight leaves at 6:45am on April 20th, arrive in Owensboro, KY at 6:45pm! – long day!

purchased flight ticket
March 9, 2013

– Updated Financial page


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